You Insure Everything Significant in Your Life.
Insure Your Income, Too.

Life & Own Occupation Disability Insurance for Kentucky Professionals, only from NIA.

Buying insurance is complicated and expensive, isn’t it? Never at NIA. Kentucky Attorneys, Kentucky CPAs, Kentucky Dentists and Kentucky Physicians under 40 can apply for $500,000 of life coverage and $10,000 per month of disability coverage on a simplified application; often with no exam, blood test or tax return required.

For over 60 years, NIA has provided unique life & disability insurance products for thousands of Kentucky Attorneys, CPAs, Dentists and Physicians across the Bluegrass. As a Kentucky professional, it’s advantageous to have insurance through your employer whenever possible, but you should also consider supplemental coverage to protect your investment. Why? Because if you were to leave your job or be let go, your employer coverage ends. And the older you get, the more health issues may affect your ability to gain affordable coverage.

A lot rides on your income: Protect your professional investment, your practice and your family, with life & disability protection. Only for Kentucky Attorneys, CPAs, Dentists and Physicians. Only from NIA.

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