Frequently Asked Questions

This is the million dollar question. As an attorney, CPA, dentist or physician – particularly if you have an independent practice – your ability to work is your greatest asset. You insure everything significant in your life – home, auto, jewelry – why not this? Don’t assume that your employer’s coverage is enough. Insure your ability to work, your life itself, with NIA.

Employer-provided benefits are great, however, most professionals should add individual life and disability coverage to fill in any gaps and to help preserve coverage after a change in employment.

Your ability to practice is your greatest income-earning asset. Many financial planners advise maximizing your individual disability protection, it is estimated that one in four professionals will suffer some form of long term disability before age 65.

A hybrid of non-cancellable individual disability and group disability insurance, franchise coverage merges the best of individual products with group purchasing power. NIA's franchise disability income coverage provides an individual, "Own Occupation" contract on a group rate structure. This is how our products can work in concert to deliver extensive coverage for Kentucky professionals, in the most cost-efficient manner.

NIA disability coverage can often provide additional disability benefits when your non-cancellable coverage is limited due to issue and participation limits or underwriting limits with ordinary carriers.

Never at NIA; Kentucky Attorneys, Kentucky CPAs, Kentucky Dentists and Kentucky Physicians can all apply for $500,000 of life coverage and $10,000 per month of disability coverage on a 1-page application; often with no exam, blood test or tax return required.

You don’t have to give up your future security to get affordable rates today. NIA’s term life insurance plans with highly competitive term life policies are guaranteed renewable to age 75. And when your level period ends in either the 11th or 21st year, you can continue your coverage. Ordinary term products require full medically underwritten re-entry or prohibitively more costly renewal rates at the end of their term.

Once you enroll, your coverage is yours to keep as long as premiums are paid when due. Unlike ordinary association or group products, NIA’s policies cannot be cancelled due to a change in any association membership status.

Very. Online life insurance policies cost the same as those you would buy from a local agent. Policies and rates are required by law to be the same regardless of the way they are purchased. You don’t “save a commission,” you give up service and control. NIA plans are unique to the market and offer a truly different product and service experience.

Up to $1 million dollars in life insurance and $10,000 per month of disability coverage. In many cases your association life and disability insurance plans make easy affordable supplements to your existing individual DI or employer provided coverage, and our disability plans offer supplemental coverage when your existing coverage is at its maximum available amount.

Our local, Louisville, Kentucky-based office of expert agents and brokers are well-versed in all things related to our Kentucky clientele and we have extensive experience working with members of the Louisville Bar Association, the Kentucky Bar Association, Kentucky Society CPAs, Kentucky Dentists and Kentucky Physicians. We are happy to assist you with individual claims and all necessary administration via telephone or in person.

NIA insurance is a good choice when considering life insurance for major life events such as marriages, newborns and even new business partnerships; all key catalysts to create or add new protection.

Whether you're in dental school, medical school, or beginning your law or CPA practice, it's never too early to plan ahead and now is the time for you to apply before you age and run into insurability issues. As you gain experience and increase your income, your insurability is often determined by the medical conditions that gradually affect almost everyone. Maximizing your coverage at an early age protects your insurability and does so at a reduced cost during your younger years.